Alpha Male Erotica Vol. 1 Sophie Sin Author

Alpha Male Erotica Vol. 1 Sophie Sin Author
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Seven erotic short stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of a three man orgy with a hot blond under the guidance of her alpha, a contract between a young woman and an alpha that lead to more than either bargained for, a sexy midday quickie for a hot woman with a man that doesn’t realize he’s being played. There is something for everyone within!‘Alpha Male Erotica Vol. 1’ contains the following seven stories:# Owned By Her Alpha – KathyThree men. That’s the challenge he presents for his own amusement. The alpha male – Rex march – in my life is a cruel task master. He likes to see how far he can push me. Has he pushed me too far this time though? These aren’t weak little betas. These are alpha-males-to-be. Dangerous men. Devilish men. One more than all the others. Can I make it through?# A Pearl NecklaceThe customer needs his pleasing. An Alpha has walked through the door and through cleverness and his masculine good looks found his way into my office after close. With a look in his eyes that reveals this will be more than a discussion of the goods, I can’t help but be turned on. Where will this man take me tonight: To heaven, hell or far beyond? It is a question that demands an answer.# Owned By Her Alpha – GenoHis eyes are cold and unwavering where compassion once reined. I stare up into those gray-blue orbs, my heart pounding for many more reasons than the obvious one. “You are to be a slave.” From captivity to so much more. The tiniest of events can change a life. This man – this alpha male – is her change.# Owned By Her Alpha – KarenSometimes sacrifices need to be made; sometimes there’s no other choice. Her legs quiver with a feeling (Fear? Desire? Hope?) that she cannot name. The thing – no, this man – stares down at her with an intimate knowledge that goes beyond words. What he will do and how he will do it? That instinctive emotion suddenly becomes clear: Lust. This is her alpha and he will have her.# Seeking A BitchThe woman knocked me down, called me nothing, made to spit on me, and now she thinks she’s going to get away with it? I smirk at her and throw a line. A few more and then a few more after that and the hot blond is playing right into my hands. In a toilet, with no respect, I’m going to have that perfect ass – harder than hard I’ll take it. This bitch is going to remember me.# Bad In The MississippiMumma ain’t the type to like on a man without reason, but with Big Billy Bad she didn’t need one. Hot, white, and hung like a stallion, when he pushed her up against the back wall of the barn and said he’d got her, she knew this was meant to be. This is the story of the night when Mr. Bad met the young and gorgeous Ms. Rogers with all the kinky stuff they got up to included!# Owned By A Dark AlphaI’m drawn to him. The darkly handsome man draws me up to our room and shows me exactly what it is that I’ll be wearing tonight. My eyes travel over it. So little fabric, next to nothing, has gone into its making. In that moment I struggle to say no. It is an act of shameful failure. In the end I will do as he says. Love is that powerful.

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