American Erotica: Erotic Stories Jeremy Mark Robinson Author

American Erotica: Erotic Stories Jeremy Mark Robinson Author
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AMERICAN EROTICA A new collection of erotic short stories set in contemporary America, ranging from the humorous and romantic to the intensely sexual. American Erotica: Erotic Stories features creamy tales of total desire - of men with women, women with women, men with men, and plenty of groups too. Some of the stories are out-and-out fantasy and wildness - such as a day trip into the Californian countryside to find the clitoris in ‘A Complete Guide To the Clitoris, Including Map’, and an alternative universe where men have gigantic cocks (in a story called - what else? - ‘Big Cocks’). Some of the stories are domestic and everyday, about couples splitting up and getting back together and doing the wild thing. Husbands and wives, older women and young men, lesbians, gays - and of course ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends. Making love in swimming pools, in bathrooms, in tents, on trains, in cars, on vacation in Hawaii, in theaters and a Guns ‘N Roses concert in Philly - these people are getting freaky all over America. Illustrated with erotic nude photographs. EXTRACT FROM ‘SUNSET STRIP’ ‘Hey,’ she said and smiled. I’m instantly hyped up to the max, and as aroused as any man can possibly be. That body… those hot, hot eyes, eyes that could slice you up with lasers. ‘Wanna walk?’ We walked. I had a million questions I wanted to ask her, but you don’t interrogate a Goddess. So we talked about the usual shit. About back home, and school, and music, and films, and fuck knows what else. So I put my arm around her, and she - get this - she puts her arm around me. West Hollywood suddenly turned day-glo pink with flights of angels and cherubs fluttering overhead and the sidewalk became marshmallow soft and the buildings were all white and fluffy and the cars turned into cascades of feathers and… She kissed me. She kissed me. Just like that. She kissed me. That hot mouth… a soft, soft tongue… wet lips… playful kisses, like water lapping at the edge of a clear, cool pool in a forest glade with a silver unicorn trotting by in dappled sunlight through golden oak trees… I glanced around. Strange, but we were still on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, in the noisy, bright, crazy, ugly modern world. But when I moved down to brush my lips against hers, and closed my eyes, we were floating on yellow clouds in a turquoise sky with bluebirds twittering around our heads and the sound of laughter and the tinkle of water and the warm breeze from the sea… Lovers, they say, can make a whole world. A whole world. So when Sarah kissed me, and I kissed Sarah, that happened: shock waves like from an atomic bomb spread outwards from us, engulfing L.A. in blastwaves of desire. Outwards into the Pacific Ocean, and up to ‘Frisco, and down to Mexico, and across the desert thundered those shock waves of pure love.

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