Anal, Oral & Alpha Males Erotica Sophie Sin Author

Anal, Oral & Alpha Males Erotica Sophie Sin Author
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15 erotic short stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of an alpha male personally delivering a creamy pearl necklace to a willing shopkeeper, how mumma met Big Billy and made a baby, the story of a religious man spanking his horny wife with a comb for her sinful nature, and many more stories inside. There is something for everyone within!‘Anal, Oral & Alpha Males Erotica’ contains several stories:# A Pearl Necklace (Alpha Male)The customer needs his pleasing. An Alpha has walked through the door and through cleverness and his masculine good looks found his way into my office after close. With a look in his eyes that reveals this will be more than a discussion of the goods, I can’t help but be turned on. Where will this man take me tonight: To heaven, hell or far beyond? It is a question that demands an answer.# Bad In Mississippi (Interracial)Mumma ain’t the type to like on a man without reason, but with Big Billy Bad she didn’t need one. Hot, white, and hung like a stallion, when he pushed her up against the back wall of the barn and said he’d got her, she knew this was meant to be. This is the story of the night when Mr. Bad met the young and gorgeous Ms. Rogers with all the kinky stuff they got up to included!# Oh How I Spanked Her! (Spanking)Her revelation is shocking. We are religious and such a thing – this wild, barbaric thing – is not acceptable to the one we worship. I try denials, I try words of advisement, I try everything, but nothing – NOTHING – will deter the woman. My hand must meet her buttocks this night or face the consequences. I pray that I have the will to spank my wife to her fulfillment. My marriage depends on it.# Owned By A Dark Alpha Male (Oral / Alpha Male)I’m drawn to him. The darkly handsome man draws me up to our room and shows me exactly what it is that I’ll be wearing tonight. My eyes travel over it. So little fabric, next to nothing, has gone into its making. In that moment I struggle to say no. It is an act of shameful failure. In the end I will do as he says. Love is that powerful.# Suffocated With A Bag (Light Bondage)A plastic bag. White – empty - no air, I’m suffocating! Something wet slips over my dick. It caresses me, soddens my thighs, arouses. I moan. A hand presses the bag down on my mouth. No air! Four of them use me, abuse me and leave me wanting more. A woman scorned is a terrible thing.# The Tightest Anal (Anal)I’ve wanted it forever and today she’s baring it – stretching it – opening the show for my entrance. This woman, my girl, she’s knows how to celebrate a birthday. Wild times on a 5th of March. What a great way to turn 25.# This Big Black Guy (Oral / Well Hung)I could have chosen a better fairy creature to track down than this fool. First, he’s a fairy and now he’s a massively hung black guy. Can it get more crazy? Apparently it can. I’m about to bargain with the fool for a single photo to prove my work. Mr. Fairy (aka. this black guy) is loaded with surprises.# She Sucked Him Dry (Oral)She circles it. My back is a tight mass of stress, of desire and of fear. Her fangs glitter. There is the faintest taint of blood in her breath. What comes, it is a mutual thing. I give, she gives, and then I am taken. In the darkness, on my own except for this beautiful shade of dark, I will experience something beyond anything any other mortal has: The lust of a vampire. The lust of her.These and many other stories within!