Backdoor Busters: Bi-Curious + Gay Erotica Dominick Cummings Author

Backdoor Busters: Bi-Curious + Gay Erotica Dominick Cummings Author
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In “Backdoor Busters: Bi-Curious + Gay Erotica,” Dominick Cummings combines his stories from “100% Naturally Uncut Latin Studs”, “Riding Rudolph & Other Gay Holiday Erotica,” and “12/12/12: Mandatory Man Sex Day” into one down low, bi-curious volume about men looking to explore some hot uninhibited man-on-man action….some for the very first time!Stories Include:“Eric”- A self-proclaimed power top, Eric, has never EVER been a bottom and has no intention of being one for any man. But when a strip club owner corners him in the office and shows Eric his garden hose length manhood, Eric begins to wonder if this vacation could really end with what had been the unthinkable…him being made into a moaning, begging bottom!“Riding Rudolph”- Will has long lusted after the handsome, older, married IT expert in his office named Rudolph. As the holidays grow near, Will is shocked to find out that Rudolph, or Rudy as he likes to be called, has recently left his wife. Dare Will hope that Rudy’s boners are a little bi-curious? When Will finds a hotel key on his desk that he traces back to Rudy, will he decide to be naughty or nice this holiday?“12/12/12: Mandatory Man Sex Day”- A white college-aged gay twink, Kirk, fantasizes about being with Oscar, the very straight studly African-American basketball player he shares a dorm suite with at school. When a psychic predicts for him that on the special date of 12/12/12 man sex will be mandatory, Kirk wonders if his dream of having Oscar…inside him…will actually come true!Approximately 18,000 words.