Balls to the Walls Erotica Series 4-6 Lolah Lace Author

Balls to the Walls Erotica Series 4-6 Lolah Lace Author
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These are books 4-6 in the BALLS TO THE WALLS Erotica Series. It includes BASES LOADED, FLAG ON THE PLAY and OUT OF BOUNDS. This series is a BWWM interracial erotic romance. Mason’s wife finds out about his ongoing affair. Mason starts to reevaluate his life and the choices he has made thus far. He is surprised to learn things about his wife that she purposely hid from him. It seems that Mason wasn’t the only one with secrets in his marriage. Now it’s Kari’s turn to make a critical decision. Will Kari use her heart or her head? Mason warned Kari but she didn’t take his threat at face value. After Mason throws a monkey wrench in Kari’s special day, she is forced to deal with her crazy ex-lover. There has been a round of never-ending obstacles in their torrid love affair. Can Mason convince Kari that he is the only man for her? Or will his extreme measures be the end of them once and for all? This eBook is for mature readers only. It contains adult language and strong sexual content.