Banged by My Roommate (First Time Gay Erotica) Terra Stella Author

Banged by My Roommate (First Time Gay Erotica) Terra Stella Author
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Alex knows his roommate plays fast and loose with the truth now that Ben’s white lies have launched Alex into the social arena. Alex likes the new found popularity at first, but finds himself craving more. It’s Ben he wants, not the crowd.When Alex picks a fight with his new best friend, things explode in an unexpected way. Can he sort through his emotions to figure out what just happened, or will his roommate Ben keep driving him crazy with desire?Warning: This 5000 word short contains a heated relationship, oral sex, anal, and one crazy roommate to keep you guessing at every turn!Excerpt:Ben didn’t move. In the dim glow cast by my monitor, I could see the contours of his face change into a pale shadow of the Ben I knew before. His brows narrowed and his lips were pressed together. His eyes bored into me with such an intensity that all I wanted to do was disappear.That would have been the smart thing to do. I glared back instead, daring him to do something.Ben was never one to back out of a dare.At some point, he must have moved, but I never saw it. I only noticed the positional change after I’d been slammed into the wall. Ben’s hand was pressed against my chest. I blinked in an attempt to clear my head, trying to remember just how I had gotten to this place. Meanwhile, my head, back, and chest stung, still reeling from the impact of the blow.Just what is your problem, Alex? he whispered. His voice was controlled but I knew his rage wasn’t. His quiet tone freaked me out more, so I said nothing. He looked me up and down, scanning me for more signs of defiance. Whatever had gotten into me before had been knocked out of me when gave me that shove.He glared at me and I stared back, praying to God for him to calm down and let me go. No such luck. When I said nothing, Ben decided to continue our conversation solo-style.I didn’t answer, unsure of which answer would provoke him more.I’d heard rumors that Ben had a dark side. They were terrible rumors, but I never imagined they could be true. I’d always assumed they were the fabrication of some jealous clique who hated him. Thinking back on it now, who could have hated Ben? Nobody, that’s who.Even then, with my back against the wall and Ben’s hand nearing my throat, I couldn’t hate the guy. I’d been a colossal jerk to him a few seconds ago and probably had this coming. I told myself I’d take whatever came next like a man.That was, of course, before he grabbed me by my crotch.I looked up at him, confused. He looked down at me. There was a strange glimmer in his eyes I couldn’t quite put my finger on.I opened my mouth to protest, but instead of words a low moan escaped it.Shhhh, he said, before placing his lips to mine.My resistance didn’t last long. His tongue darted in and out of my mouth, playing against mine. I slid my tongue back against his as an experiment, or so I told myself.