Hard As Nails: Gay Erotica, The Rusty Saber Collection Rusty Saber Author

Hard As Nails: Gay Erotica, The Rusty Saber Collection Rusty Saber Author
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Gay erotica writer, Rusty Saber, combines all ten of the stories from his first three anthologies, Begging For It, Begging For More, and Jack My Lantern, in one hard, rough, kinky, man sweating volume! Stories include: How West Was Done, Hombre2Man, Soaked!, and Palm Job. In HOW WEST WAS DONE, a no nonsense corporate career guy dominates his underlings and his workplace all the while hiding a deep yearning to be controlled and used by a rough and tough masculine man. West must finally admit his deepest desires when he finds himself suddenly being used by a hot maintenance man with some decidedly kinky desires. In HOMBRE2MAN, a lonely out of town businessman stuck in a Mexico City hotel is drawn to a handsome- and very married- Mexican corporate VP. When the hot Latino offers to show him how a straight married man would make love to him, he finds himself crossing into territory he swore he’d never explore. A teenager finds himself drawn under the spell of the studly team captain, Sam, in VOLLEYBALLS and finds himself shocked when Sam proposes a tantalizing reward IF the team makes it to the finals. Public sex? In WEB BROWSING, an adventurous young man meets his hot internet date at a restaurant only to be propositioned with the idea of having sex in a car on a busy street. Just who’s behind that mask? In PALM JOB, Regan is skeptical when a fortune teller at a Halloween costume party teases him with a confusing palm reading. Things start to become clear…and sticky…when Regan finds himself in a dark tent at the party with a muscular masked superhero. But the real question is just who is behind the superhero mask? I ain’t afraid of no ghost sex! In GHOST OF HORNY PAST, a young man finds out his new condo is haunted by a sexy admiral still hot and horny from his days on the open seas! Hose me down! In SOAKED!, a businessman meets a gorgeous, tall, muscular black man in the steam room at the hotel spa. His new stud friend later shows him what’s it like to get all wet…in a new way! Racial roleplay? In FRONT DESK. MAY I HELP YOU?, a down on his luck traveling salesman thinks he’s in for another boring night at a budget hotel, but the cute Latino - and wannabe submissive- front desk clerk has other ideas. What does a cockring think about things? In I, SPIKE, a cockring fondly remembers the night his master bought him at a sex shop…and all the men the two of them pleasured that night. Thug love? In LIL RED LOW RIDIN IN DA HOOD, a favorite fairy tale gets a fresh new twist when a twink thug, on his way to his grandmother’s house, encounters a studly, tattooed, just out of prison Latin cholo, El Lobo.