Lovers Who Stay With You Dave MacMillan Author

Lovers Who Stay With You Dave MacMillan Author
Categories: Books, Gay Erotica
Brand: STARbooks Press
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With the release of Lovers Who Stay With You, edited by David MacMillan, STARbooks Press continues its groundbreaking restructuring of gay erotica. Undead hunks join with their mortal lovers to breathe life into the moribund romance genre. They shag shamelessly in paeans to their romance. This multi- genre approach alone will command the attention of reviewers and readers alike; the strength of the stories will make this collection an immediate sales leader and awards contestant. There’s love, strong characters, and meaning on each page (as well as hot sex to whet the libido). In this thrilling new collection, Mr. MacMillan has blended the vampire, romance, and erotic genres so that each genre reaches new heights while maintaining its union with the others. He has brought what he’s learnt from his previous five anthologies to cement that union firmly. The stories he’s selected cover the width and depth of the vampire mythos and thus reaches to the core of the human condition. Lovers Who Stay With You boasts contributions from such luminaries of gay erotica as Philip Markham, Simon Sheppard, Jay Starr, Barry Alexander, Grant Foster, Jordan Baker, and Bill Crimmin and such writers of great promise as S. D. Yorston, Richard Bellingham, Davy Jones, Michael Gouda, and Daniel Ritter. 27 first-class stories and Mr. MacMillan’s vampire novel bring readers to this new genre-blend and hold them there. Eternally adult, touching but always male, Lovers Who Stay With You probes the depths and climbs the heights of what it means to be human and male, thus creating new guidelines for male erotica.