Grab Bag 2 (A Gay Erotica Anthology) Habu Author

Grab Bag 2 (A Gay Erotica Anthology) Habu Author
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Warnings: a gay erotica anthology with graphic gay sex, control, domination, bondage, reluctance, and wild rough sex but also occasional touching romance.Grab Bag 2 follows along behind habu’s Grab Bag 1 story collection as a gay male anthology that is totally unstructured other than the twenty-one stories in the collection being offered in the order written. It also follows no coordinating theme other than the stories being designed to evoke arousal and the pleasant surprise of some new gay-male twists to some classic plotlines.It exhibits the breadth and depth of habu’s overarching inspiration, his desire to always be exploring some new facet of locale, theme, character, or circumstance of being unapologetically gay and attracting and seeking in the real world—while often striving to bend that world to one more accommodating to the seekers’ desires.The inspiration for the locales, characters, and themes of habu’s stories are complex and varied: they flow from his travels; his early careers; flashes of arousing images and circumstances emerging in that early-morning state between sleep and full awareness; his search in writing for ultimate satisfaction in male-to-male encounters; and experiences, observations, and “cautionary” tales that burble up into his memory from the past during conversations with friends and past—and current—lovers. As has become the hallmark of habu, this is a collection of tales (and tails) that are guaranteed to excite and stimulate—not just the mind. A true grab bag of surprises and pleasures that are sure to be savored more than once.In this “bag” are twenty-one stories that adhere to no uniformity of theme in time, space, locale, or message and that have never been published to the market before.