Bent - The Tour, Episode 2 Nolan Steel Author

Bent - The Tour, Episode 2 Nolan Steel Author
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Brand: Nolan Steel
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The situation on tour is only getting harder for Chase. If he’s not dealing with his feelings for Lil’ Dane, the man he’s been hired to protect, he’s investigating crazed stalkers and fending off fans. So when he’s given the opportunity to score with a gorgeous quarterback in the private rooms of a downtown club - with Dane only yards away on the dancefloor - will Chase be able to keep his mind on the job? Or is his dick going to get him into more trouble than he can deal with? BENT is the second episode in the new gay erotica series THE TOUR, which follows Chase, Dane and all the entourage across the country as they deal with bad dates, stalkers, and hot, sweaty nights. BENT is 5,500 words long, contains explicit gay sex scenes, and is absolutely adults only! BENT is also collected in THE COMPLETE TOUR, a 5 story discount omnibus that follows Chase from the start to the very last moments of his tour with Lil’ Dane.