Paranormal Erotica: Cupid's Island Collection 1 Dick Powers Author

Paranormal Erotica: Cupid's Island Collection 1 Dick Powers Author
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Four gay erotica stories by Dick Powers. Included are the story of a three man orgy that gets a little heated, a bar orgy inspired by Cupid himself as a way to help a man who only wants love, the God of Love helping a man rejected find solace in a dominant alpha male’s arms, and a rough housing by two sex machines for a man who is too tough to say when. There’s something for everyone within!‘Paranormal Erotica: Cupid’s Island Collection 1’ contains:# Cupid’s Island #1: Ripped.(Threesome)A bent cop, a sexy boxer and an overly feminine gay man come together in this hard banging adventure of sexual conquest in the most manly three way battle of sexual titans ever seen in print. Who will win out in this war of wills that will see ripped clothing and burning hot lust displayed with worshipful openness and what does Cupid have to do with all this? Find out inside.# Cupid’s Island #2: Bar Humping.(Orgy)Lonely, bored and sexually deprived, Larry want’s love. However, the ’love’ he gets may not be what he wants and, as Cupid intervenes to create the wildest bar orgy of Larry’s life with the daring Ace and the somewhat annoying Tim, Larry is going to sexual heaven on the end of one red hot arrow of lust. Content guaranteed to bring pleasure.# Cupid’s Island #3: Hard Gay.(Alpha Male)Terry has come to Cupid’s Gay Resort to find sex. His life has been one of rejection, but now things are changing and changing fast! With a little help from Cupid, he finds himself in the perfect situation to take advantage of a sexy powerful man in the most wicked of ways. This is a story of regained pride through masculine dominance and acceptance of self. Come join Terry inside.# Cupid’s Island #4: Easy Lay?.(Sci Fi)A sizzling hot story of a man facing two rough housing sex machines bent on entrapping him in a room - with only their monster man breakers for comfort. This isn’t going to be pretty, but not as you might imagine. Gay pride is on the line and one man is too tough to be an easy lay. Find out more within!