Bisexual Erotica: Bisexual Fantasies Volumes 1-4 Fetish Publishing Author

Bisexual Erotica: Bisexual Fantasies Volumes 1-4 Fetish Publishing Author
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Bisexual Erotica: Bisexual Fantasies Volumes 1-4 (Erotica Anthologies - Volume 3) A titillating 4 short story collection of steamy bisexual women erotica. Volume 1: Bi Awakenings: Bisexual Erotica Elise has recently found herself struggling to contain her newfound bisexual desires. Her open-minded husband is more than aware of his wife’s desires, as well as her conflict in expressing and taking the first step in trying to fulfill her newfound bisexual desires, yet he is fully supportive of her doing so. Elise also has a best friend Cassie, who is openly bisexual, and Elise’s growing desires makes her need to hear all the details of her friends bisexual exploits even stronger. At the end of the day, Elise discovers that suppressed desires can only stay suppressed for so long. Volume 2: Bi Holiday Affair: Bisexual Erotica Many women have bisexual fantasies, yet they often struggle to find the right bisexual woman to play with or have a bisexual romance with. What starts as a slow cat and mouse game between the two women, crescendos until neither woman can contain their bisexual fantasies and a company holiday party makes for a perfect backdrop for that to happen. It’s not only a bi holiday affair; it’s a full blown blooming bisexual romance. Volume 3: Bi Retreat: Bisexual Erotica Two adventurous, bisexual beauties in their late twenties have acquired such a magical relationship, one that their friends and acquaintances describe as the perfect relationship, in fact. A three day retreat in a rustic retreat in a beautiful wooded area of Oregon provides just the right backdrop to consummate their bisexual relationship; one that has been three years in the making for these sexy and highly compatible bisexual women. Volume 4: Bi and Kinky Trying to meet like minded people in the kink community, pretty blond haired Jessica joins a dungeon and starts attending classes to expand her knowledge of all things fetish. During one of the classes, in which the group is being shown beginning flogging techniques, Jessica is drawn to the flogging demo volunteer; a dark haired beauty with a powerful air of mystery and sexy appeal that attracts Jessica like a bee to honey. For more fetish erotica, and kink related resources and articles, visit us out at

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