Black Erotica: Strait To Swinging Orgies Arielle Fossett Author

Black Erotica: Strait To Swinging Orgies Arielle Fossett Author
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Strait To Swinging Orgies is a Black Erotica short story - M/F/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.She is fully supportive of her husband, so when he came home this morning from his night-shift job telling her they were going to a friend’s pool party, she reluctantly agreed. She doesn’t particularly like parties, especially pool parties, but since it’s for the support of her husband and she has a new bikini, she decides to go for it. To get into the mood, she spends a day pampering herself. Her husband shows his appreciation as they are getting ready. When they get to the party, she makes a big splash. She never expected they would enjoy this kind of fun.Excerpt:I showed him my new bikini after I had showered; standing naked in the shower he was already getting a hard erection. Wow these bikinis are a god send. He bent me over the hand basin and inserted his first two fingers and strapped my pussy hard until I became wet. He slid his cock quickly between my two thighs soon finding my opening and slithering himself inside. He caressed my bare tits that were smothered in cocoa butter cream. I was hot, horny as he pushed his mouth around my nipples clutching tight with his lips and slowly pulling letting my nipple slid out of his grip. His skin was light brown mine was dark auburn and the two colors twisted together look so sensual. His erect penis was pushing hard against me and I begged him to put it in my damp pussy.

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