Hot Orc Girls Collection Paul Lucas Author

Hot Orc Girls Collection Paul Lucas Author
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Fierce. Brawny. Powerful. Passionate. What’s not to love about Orc women?This volume collects together three full-length tales of fantasy monster girl erotica, focusing on sexy Orc females and those rare people who earn their love and lust.In THE VIRGIN ORC’S FIRST KISS, a female Orc warrior named Obsidian escapes from cruel slavers, only to undergo a sensual awakening while stranded on a remote tropical island with fellow escapees!In DEEP DELVE, Topaz, is a young, enthusiastic Orcess raised by human scholars in a remote colony. She begins the first serious affair of her life with a dashing human diplomat, but can they survive when an ancient goddess awakens?In MOONFIRE’S BUSTY CURSE, Moonfire runs afoul of a jealous shaman, who afflicts her with a most unusual curse. In the aftermath of a devastating battle, with a shifty human captive in tow, Moonfire seeks her revenge while dealing with many new desires.In The Consultation, a sequel to MOONFIRE’S BUSTY CURSE and a brand new short story exclusive to this volume, a curvy Orc magic user is hired for her unusual expertise.All stories are set in Ximenes, the same detailed, compelling fantasy world as the HOT GOBLIN GIRLS and FANTASY ENVOY series!ADULT READERS ONLY!