Extreme Lesbian Lust Naughty Daydreams Press Author

Extreme Lesbian Lust Naughty Daydreams Press Author
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Five Girl on Girl Erotica StoriesLesbian sex makes for red-hot erotica stories, and here at Naughty Daydreams Press, we love to write about the ladies! In this collection, girls have sweet lesbian sex, rough lesbian sex, reluctant lesbian sex, and there’s even a lesbian gangbang! Get ready for something scorching!1. DOCTOR, WAIT! A First Lesbian Doctor Patient Short by Nancy BrocktonHope isn’t happy with her body, so she schedules an appointment with a plastic surgeon. She got a very, very skilled doctor, but the lovely lady M.D. is more skilled at what she can do unprofessionally than what she does at a doctor! When her examination turns into far more, Hope finds herself unable to say no to doctor/patient sex, her first lesbian sex; and once she’s had lez sex, she might not want anything else!2. LOVING LAWRENCE AND LILLY (A MFF Threesome Sex Erotica Story with First Lesbian Sex) by Erika HardwickIt’s hard being the only single girl on Lexington Lane, but when Felicia runs into the perfect MILF, Lilly, she learns that single and young doesn’t mean you have to do without hardcore sex in her neighborhood! Before long, she’s in the middle of her first lesbian sex experience, and when the cougar’s husband Lawrence shows up and catches them, it’s her first ménage a trois!3. SEX SURVIVOR: FIRST LESBIAN LOVE (A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story) by Julie BossoSandra and Ralph are back, and this husband and wife are excited about the new episode of Sex Survivor on the Explicita porn channel. For this week’s episode first lesbian experiences are planned, and that excites Sandra beyond measure. For some time, Sandra has fantasized about being with another woman, and her imagination goes wild as she watches two women explore each other’s bodies and makes love to her husband at the same time.4. ORGY AFTER FRESHMAN ORIENTATION (A Hot Young Co-ed All-Out Orgy Erotica Story) by Kate YoungbloodMonique is eighteen, just entering college, and barely legal. Don’t take that to mean she’s innocent. The frat boys call her Monique the Mouth, and there’s a good reason for it! When she meets the handsome and exciting master’s student, Donnie, she’s in for more than oral action, though. He blindfolds her and takes her on a journey of endless orgasms in the backyard of the frat house, where men and woman please each other and she enjoys overwhelming orgy sex!5. QUIT YOUR BITCHING: A Reluctant First Lesbian Sex Short by Veronica HalsteadVicki is so frustrated! For months, all of her dates have turned out horribly. She’s frustrated, sad, and worst of all, horny as hell. She complains to her roommate Janelle, but Janelle has had enough of the bitching about her sex life. She finally decides to take matters into her own hands by giving Vicki a first lesbian sex encounter that will get rid of the sexual frustration, and Janelle doesn’t care how reluctant Vicki is.Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various lesbian sex encounters. It includes reluctant lesbian sex, lesbian gangbang sex, first lesbian sex, lesbian doctor/patient sex, lesbian threesome sex, and lesbian group sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.Lesbian sex awaits, so move that mouse and let the fun begin!