Monster Girl Erotica Sampler Pack Paul Lucas Author

Monster Girl Erotica Sampler Pack Paul Lucas Author
Categories: Books, Erotica, Girl Erotica
Brand: Paul Lucas
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Four sexy, sizzling full-length tales of Monster Girl lust and romance in one volume! Plus a bonus short story!This Sample Pack Bundle gathers together diverse fantasy and Scifi Erotica novels to give the reader a taste of just how steamy and fun Monster Girls can be!In HOT GOBLIN GIRLS, a lone human courier is captured by four fierce goblin women and forced to marry their horniest member!In HOT DINO GIRLS, a nerdy human researcher despaired at ever finding love until he visits an alternate Earth inhabited by human-dinosaur hybrids!In 100 POTIONS, an alchemist must team up with a rabbit-girl sex slave and a human diplomat to escape an evil baron!In HOT MARTIAN GIRLS, a lone human immigrant spends three months in isolation on the red planet with three bio-engineered Martian Girls!In Unicorn Glade, a new exclusive short story, a knight must pay for past mistakes!This Sampler Pack contains adventure, romance, and lots of passionate and horny Monster Girls!ADULT READERS ONLY!

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