Encounter with a Slug Girl (Snail Girl Erotica) Gregor Daniels Author

Encounter with a Slug Girl (Snail Girl Erotica) Gregor Daniels Author
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After becoming stranded in the woods, alone, and unable to find his friends, Andrew thinks the worst has befallen him. Having nearly given up hope, he encounters a strange creature in the woods, a woman at first glance, but human she isn’t. While startled by his discovery, her intentions aren’t completely clear at first, and soon he finds himself being seduced by the slug girl of the forest.Length: 9,000 wordsThis work of fiction contains adult material and explicit scenes of sex, including anthro and furry creatures, and a hot encounter between a slug girl and a human male. For mature audiences only.Excerpt:Don’t touch that, she said, giving me a mean glare that I was surprised by. Was this my rescuer? After I stared at her wiggling on the soil just a few yards away from me, I realized that she didn’t have any clothes on! What the hell?I’m…I’m sorry? I stammered, my lips trembling as my mind was in a furious battle, contemplating whether I had been truly saved or not.I said, she started, nearing a clearing in the shrubbery between us, don’t touch that. She gestured her head towards the strange rock I was leaning on, and I quickly took my hand off of it.Are you here to rescue me? Are you going to save me? I was nearly in tears at the moment, praying for my salvation from this awful excursion that had quickly turned into a nightmare.Not hardly, she laughed, smiling at me from behind a bush as she neared the open ground. I’m not here to save you.Perhaps then I would have panicked, just from her astonishing response, but that isn’t what caused me to jump. As the naked woman crawled out into my plane of vision, I realized something shocking. Down below her waist, her body ended into this blob of flesh, indescribable and incomparable to anything I had ever seen before. She didn’t have any legs!