The Collected Hot Goblin Girls Paul Lucas Author

The Collected Hot Goblin Girls Paul Lucas Author
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Compiles Volumes 1 through 3 of the sizzling HOT GOBLIN GIRLS erotica series! Includes a brand new exclusive short story, Wolf And Shepherd!Joren, a captured human soldier, is forced to marry Vexation, a fierce but lusty Goblin warrior, catapulting him into many steamy encounters and amazing adventures! Can the young man handle four fiery, horny monster girls half his size?In BOOK 1, Joren discovers his captors’ plans for him, which start with marrying Vexation and only get more depraved from there!In BOOK 2, the Goblins meet Aislyn, a sexy sorceress and an old companion from the war, who may not be all she seems!In Wolf And Shepherd, the Goblin shaman Black Ember offers a wounded halfling shepherdess a deal.In BOOK 3, Stiletto, the smallest and fiercest of the goblin girls, makes an amazing discovery that could make them all very rich… or all very dead.The HOT GOBLIN GIRLS series set in the same amazing, highly detailed fantasy world of THE FANTASY ENVOY EROTICA series, MOONFIRE’S BUSTY CURSE, and more!Contains exciting characters, high adventure, romance, and explicit sexual fun!ADULT READERS ONLY!