Past Life Regression: Harem Girl - Erotica Joan Russell Author

Past Life Regression: Harem Girl - Erotica Joan Russell Author
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Harem Girl Erotica 7,033 words. Giselle Pruddhomme was undergoing therapy for sex addiction. After six months of futile sessions, Dr. Kimble suggested they try past life regression to see if an earlier life was driving her to confuse sex with survival. As she went back in time Giselle found herself in the harem of the great master of the world Tamarlane. She was given once chance to ensnare him with love or lose her life Contains: Anal, Oral and Vaginal Sex and Bondage. Adults 18+. SAMPLEThe guards at the golden door opened it for her and she and the eunuch who had accompanied her since the slave market strode confidently into the great general’s personal chamber. Although it wasn’t necessary, he led her by the chain on her collar. She held her head high, looking down her nose as her mother had taught her. Her pride would be visible even under the veil. To her surprise no one was there. Her proud entrance had impressed no one. It felt as if she had stubbed a toe and tripped. A little rent in her self-confidence. A cooling evening breeze flowed through the cavernous room. There were cushions against the far wall where the bed was draped with gossamer cloth, as flimsy as the cloth she wore. It rustled in the breeze. There were oil lamps in brass braziers that flickered dimly in the vast space.“Come,” the eunuch said. She followed him to the bed.“Lie down,” he ordered. She obeyed wondering what would happen next. He did not remove her veil, but grasped her wrist and attached the chain that dangled from the bracelet to a ring in one of the posts that held up the gossamer drapes. He chained her other arm to a second post and each of her legs in posts that rose from the pillows at what would have been the foot of a bed. He arranged her shirt so that it covered her naked triangle, then looked down at her for a long moment before turning on his heel and striding out the door leaving her alone and powerless on the wide bed of pillows.Time passed. She was not good at waiting. All her life she had been surrounded with people whose job it had been to keep her from being alone. She never had to wait for anything. Now she was powerless and abandoned about to be deflowered by one of the most famous and violent men in the world and she had only her thoughts for company. The anticipation worked on her. Her breath quickened and she realized she was becoming afraid. She felt herself showing the whites of her eyes like a horse about to be branded as her gaze darted around the chamber looking for threats.* “Are you afraid of me?” the deep voice asked. She had not heard him come in. She finally found him sitting in the shadows. She supposed that he had been sitting there the whole time patiently waiting for her to driver herself to fear. He stood and moved into the light. “You haven’t answered me.”“Should I be afraid?” she asked and was dismayed by the tremor in her voice.“Very,” he said.