Megan's Double Entry CJ Edwards Author

Megan's Double Entry CJ Edwards Author
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From the Mistress of Dark Erotica, Charlotte Edwards, a new format for you to enjoy – flash erotica! No more than 2,000 words and often less, these hot tales get straight to the action. Just enough for a sneaky trip to the restroom at work or locking yourself in the bedroom, while your partner watches soaps!The fourth instalment sees pretty young book keeper in a bit of a bind. She’s been stealing from the company to feed her low-life boyfriend’s gambling habit. Involving the police will mean certain prison time. I’m prepared to cut her a break but she needs to pay every penny back. She’s got one very saleable asset that my brother and I intend to make use of to start the repayment plan straight away!Extract:“Whaaaat?”I smiled. “It’s simple my dear. If you don’t want to go to prison, you’ll take off your clothes when I say, and then you’ll stay until I have wrung every drop of satisfaction from you… I want to fuck you!”“I see,” she said softly.I handed Megan her phone. “Tell him that I know, and he needs to leave, go far away and never come back. Otherwise, he’ll go to jail. Clear?” She nodded, made the call and quickly hung up, before he could say a word. “Very good,” I smiled. “Now undress!”“Here?”The doors are locked, the staff has gone home, and I’ve told security not to disturb us. Here will do just fine,” I said sternly. My office was very comfortable, and I had long thought about fucking her on my leather-topped desk. I closed my laptop with a loud snap that made her jump. “Now, undress! Slowly!”