Derek's Desperate Wife CJ Edwards Author

Derek's Desperate Wife CJ Edwards Author
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From the Mistress of Dark Erotica, Charlotte Edwards, a new format for you to enjoy – flash erotica! No more than 2,000 words and often less, these hot tales get straight to the action. Just enough for a sneaky trip to the restroom at work or locking yourself in the bedroom, while your partner watches soaps!Derek was a geeky IT-type who had worked for me for a while. Melanie was his intriguing wife. One day, the little minx turned up at my office, out of the blue, and it wasn’t her husband she was looking for. She had heard all about me from an ex, and reckoned I was exactly what she needed. A real man who would treat her like a slut!Extract:I handed her a glass of bubbly and gestured towards a chair. “Now then, Melanie. Tell me again exactly why you are here and what you want. And bearing mind, I am recording you now!”She looked around fruitlessly for the cameras and reddened up almost immediately before clearing her throat. “I-I want to be punished… like a naughty girl!”I tried not to smile. “Anything else?”“I want to be told what to do… And sex, of course,” she added quickly, just in case it fell off the agenda. “I need lots of sex… rough, hard sex!”‘And you are here of your own free will? No one, including me is forcing, coercing or bribing you to do anything?”“No!” She answered quickly. “I just need….!”I topped up her glass. “Here’s the deal,” I told her brusquely. “IF you want some, you get everything. That means, as soon as we start, you are mine. I leaned over and looked straight into her enchanting eyes. “That means completely and totally mine. You do what I say, when I say and without question, do you understand?”“Yes,” she said quietly.“Do you know what a safe-word is?” I asked.