Dark Erotica Stories 5 Marcus Darkley Author

Dark Erotica Stories 5 Marcus Darkley Author
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Another 10 BDSM shorts from Master Marcus DarkleySugar daddies with naughty college girls, futa, milking and much more.Includes:PUNISHED TEENSMichelle was a normal 19-year old student. She considered herself to be straight reckoned it was the modern thing to try a bit of everything and right now she wanted to try a bit of girly sex with Shannon. She had her parents’ house for the weekend and invited her prey around and then looked for a way to het things up. The answer came when she found her kinky parents’ bedroom play kit and they tried a bit of bondage but couldn’t make it work. Then Shannon invited an older man friend found to show them as she knew it was a bit kinky. Before they knew it, both girls were trussed up and learning to be submissive pain sluts the hard way at the hands of a Master!ASHLEIGH’S BLUE BALLSAshleigh was all woman but she liked the girls too! With a few drinks inside her, she had no problems with seducing her best friends if the right man wasn’t readily available. She was definitely the Alpha Female of her group! A group night out was the ideal opportunity to finally bed Abigail, her latest best friend but things didn’t go quite as expected. A chance encounter with a mysterious, gypsy-like woman moved into the ladies’ loo and for the first time, Ashleigh was taken like a submissive girl by a woman who was also a man! Yes, the gyspy was a futanari! And when she recovered, Ashleigh was too!PAIGE’S PAYMENTKev thought he could teach his pretty but precocious college girl daughter to drive without sorting the insurance! Then she ran into the back of a rich couple’s expensive Merc and he realised he only had one saleable asset to settle the bill - Paige! As he watched the man and then his wife, enjoy his innocent daughter, Kev got very hard and had to admit he had a hidden fantasy!EROTIC AWAKENINGCharlotte Edwards and Marcus Darkley were married to other people but the successful erotica authors met up twice a year to rekindle their established sexual relationship and seek new pleasures together. This time, twin sisters caught their imagination in the hotel and they used their considerable powers of persuasion to get first one and then the other into their hotel room. What followed was a night of the hottest sex and debauchery as Marcus and Charlotte got their rocks off in Becky and Rosie. The girls had no idea what they were in for!MILKING THE MOMMY NEXT DOORDanielle’s public breastfeeding was doing things to her neighbour, who wanted nothing more than to get his hand on her nubile young body and full breasts! Then he discovered she had a severe debt problem that his computer hacking skills were uniquely placed to resolve. He did her a big favour and then made it very clear just what he wanted in return! She was now in his debt and was soon to discover just what that meant!Plus:FIXING THE FARMER’S WIFEBIKERS BANG MY WIFE & DAUGHTERGANGBANG WIFETHE DAUGHTER SWAPTHE DOCTOR’S PREGNANT WIFE

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