Pure & Dark Erotica Sophie Sin Author

Pure & Dark Erotica Sophie Sin Author
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7 erotic short stories by Sophie Sin. Included on the pure side are a young couple sharing their first time together and a new worker falling for his older mentor. On the dark side are a wife manipulated by a rotten scoundrel into devilishly erotic deeds and a fiance that cannot resist the allure of two sexy tourists and betrays her husband-to-be right before his eyes.‘Pure & Dark Erotica’ contains the following four ‘Pure Erotica’ stories:# First TimeSweet tender 18: Jarrod has waited and now the big day is here. Tonight they will make love for the first time. However, barriers and temptation are rife and the tension is intense. You can only be a virgin once. Can they make it over this last hurdle to total love?# Dream GirlHis first real job and his first mentor. Sandra is young, skilled and incredibly gorgeous - everything he desires in a woman. There is no doubt from the moment he met her that this woman is his dream girl. Unfortunately, she is also totally unattainable. One night changes all of this. A story of lust, love and finding the one that really matters.# Geeky VirginThe girl is a goddess. She’s sexy, cool, beautiful and way out of this geek’s league. 18 and never been kissed, he has lusted after her since the moment they met. However, the woman doesn’t even know that he exists. Even in the most impossible of situations, an opportunity can come about. Does he dare to stake his claim or will he forever remain a virgin that could get the job done?# Co-Ed ConfessionMaria is so sweet, so enticing, so vanilla. He craves love, but not just anyone’s love will do. Too shy and afraid to do what he knows he must, he does nothing. As far as he knows Maria sees him as only a classmate and nothing more - or does she? The human heart is a mysterious thing. Explore the depths of love with this hot would be couple.‘Pure & Dark Erotica’ also contains the following three ‘Dark Erotica’ stories:# Wife ManipulatedShe loves Jerry. She will not betray him. However, Jack has something she desires strongly and he won’t give it to her. Will she do what he asks? Will she debase herself and hide her sins from her sweet Jerry? Could he ever forgive damaged goods like her for the acts she will soon commit? You cannot miss this. Ultimate indecency. Twisted logic. Gorgeously manipulative. NTR at it’s finest.# The Butler BeastMr. Peters is a nice man, a good man, a man who cares so much for his princess. Yet her mother wants to destroy their wedding plans and finds just the right pair of travelers to do the job. However, there is more afoot in the house than this. Fetishes, grisly desires, filthy play, nothing is beyond the Hendricks family - NOTHING.# Pill Popping DirectorThey hate her. That shining star on the silver stage is their enemy. What do you do to an enemy? You crush it, demoralize it, reduce it to nothing but a slave. A husband and his actress wife find that show business is truly the school of hard knocks with drugs, sex freaks, mad directors and so much more competing to make the wife into ’the tool’, at the husband’s expense. Hardcore to the end!