Blue Screen Of Desire - Women's Erotica/Erotic Romance Blaine Teller Author

Blue Screen Of Desire - Women's Erotica/Erotic Romance Blaine Teller Author
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Blue Screen Of Desire is a Women’s Erotica/Erotic Romance short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Beautiful blonde Katie is having some computer trouble. This isn’t unusual for her. Her friend Nick, a scrawny nerd, comes over to help her without asking anything in return. He’s done this for her more than once; in fact, it’s part of the cornerstone of their friendship. After all of this time, she decides that she should do something to repay him this time. She’s so grateful that she offers to take him to bed, which he enthusiastically agrees to. How can he resist her when she presents herself so enticingly in skimpy lingerie? What Katie expects to be a mercy fuck turns into something far more mutual, as she soon discovers that Nick is quite well equipped and knows a thing or two about sex. He turns out to have a lot of hidden skills and talents, all of which he is more than willing to share with her.ExcerptWhile Nick was busy at the computer desk, I went upstairs. Nick was always such a nice guy, and I wanted to thank him for fixing my computer as many times as he has. A special sort of ’thank you.’ Something that might just change his life.I stripped out of my comfortable house clothes, even my underwear. I picked some sexy clothes out of my closet and re-dressed myself in a far more provocative manner. Long, dark stockings and a black garter belt were all I wore on my lower body. I neglected to put on panties; they’d have to come off soon anyway. I wrapped my torso in a black corset, adorned with pink lace. It worked like a push-up bra, making my ample breasts look even more squeezable. I made some final adjustments in the mirror and then headed downstairs.Nick was still busy on the computer. I wrapped my arms around him from behind, pulling the back of his head into my cleavage. He barely seemed to notice. I couldn’t tell if he was purposefully ignoring me or he was just wrapped up in what he was doing.Feel like taking a break? I said.No need. I’m almost finished.Oh, good. I have something special in mind to thank you.What’s that?I let go of Nick and stepped around to the side of the computer chair. He glanced over at me and went wide-eyed. I could see his eyes exploring my body, until his glasses fogged up. His reaction made me grin.I’ll be waiting upstairs when you’re finished, computer guy.

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