Boys Caught in the Act Mickey Erlach Author

Boys Caught in the Act Mickey Erlach Author
Categories: Books, Gay Erotica
Brand: STARbooks Press
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In his second STARbooks Press anthology, Mickey Erlach gives us hot boys who may or may not want to be caught in the act! Presenting an impressive collection of stories by the cream of gay erotica, BOYS CAUGHT IN THE ACT explores that little demon in all of us who wish someone would spy on us as we bend over and take it against a tree, get locked in a supply closet with a co-worker, get pulled over by the highway patrol, or get it on with a bud in the back of the bus. BOYS CAUGHT IN THE ACT also raises the adrenalin of those who don’t want to get caught being serviced by a waiter, pounded by a buddy in his bedroom, spooned and stroked by a fellow band member, or even ogling the groundskeeper during mid-terms. If you’re hot for young men who cannot seem to avoid being caught, watched, found out, or filmed, you’ll love the stories in BOYS CAUGHT IN THE ACT edited by MICKEY ERLACH. As an added bonus, ONE NIGHT IN SPINWICK, a novella by DesertMac, a true story that is passionate, disturbing and life-altering is included, along with eighteen steamy stories by Jay Starre, Jayden Blake, Justin Shepherd, Landon Dixon, Logan Zachary, Rob Rosen, Ryan Field, Scott James, Shane Allison, Stephen Osborne, and Wayne Mansfield.