Brambleton (A Gay Erotica Romance) Habu Author

Brambleton (A Gay Erotica Romance) Habu Author
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An Interracial Gay Erotic Romance.Matt Henderson arrives at university a naive nineteen-year-old from a small farm, who knows little about the world beyond his rural Virginia home. But he does know that he likes, or maybe even loves: big black men. And he also loves architecture and beautiful old buildings. The accidental deaths of his parents in a car accident brings Matt back from his first year at university to his small family farm in southwestern Virginia, where he is comforted, helped, and bedded by his hunky black neighbor, Dashad. Dashad insists that Matt return to his architectural studies at the University of Virginia, where he is seduced and introduced to a life of luxury by Virginia aristocrat playboy, Perry Fitzhugh, who soon whisks Matt off to the Fitzhugh estate, Ravensworth, for a Thanksgiving frolic of hunt parties and a surprise bedding by Perry’s father, William Henry.The first hunt of the season also leads to a rough ride on horseback that unexpectedly takes Matt to the next estate, Brambleton, the unique Italianate style of which has caught Matt’s interest, especially in that its south wing is burned out and in need of restoration. He also comes under the sway and obsession of Brambleton’s owner, Philadelphia judge Archibald Atherton. Not so slowly Matt increasingly sells out to the attraction of wealth and position—and most important, the obsession to possess and restore Brambleton.In a fast rags-to-riches and part way back again ride, his two obsessions come together as he uses men—and is used by them in turn—in his journey to possess Brambleton and obtain sexual fulfillment.But in the end will Matt find love is more important?