Gym Buddies & Buff Boys Mickey Erlach Author

Gym Buddies & Buff Boys Mickey Erlach Author
Categories: Books, Gay Erotica
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These men will put you through a workout you will never forget! There you are pumping out the last few reps, when you spot him on the other side of the gym. He is your fantasy man, the one you hope will be there every time you go to the gym. He’s just your type. You want him so much you will go to any lengths just to get a few seconds with him, so you can make your move. You’ve waited weeks for this opportunity. Go ahead; don’t be shy. In Gym Buddies and Buff Boys, edited by Mickey Erlach, you will get to live out your workout fantasies through the eyes of the hottest writers in gay erotica today. All that sweaty, pumped muscle is just waiting for you to reach out and touch it, and you will reach out and touch it after you read these stories. Whether you happen to be next to him in the sauna or shower, or he just asks you for a spot, now you will know what to do because the guys in Gym Buddies and Buff Boys will show you the way.