The Big Tipper (First Gay Experience) Jocelyn Riske Author

The Big Tipper (First Gay Experience) Jocelyn Riske Author
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Words: 3500Johnny is just a normal guy trying to get by with a crappy job and a high-maintenance girlfriend. When he’s tasked with delivering a pizza to the wealthiest part of town, he happens to meet an enigmatic man named Trent. Handsome and successful, Trent makes Johnny question everything he thought he knew about sex and morality, pitting his guilt and inhibitions against his temptation.Adults Only: All characters in this work are 18 or older.M/M, Fondling, Oral, First-Time Gay EroticaExcerpt:Immediately Johnny started to feel sorry for the way he had reacted. He knew he should have handled the situation better. Hey, it’s okay dude. It just caught me by surprise, you know?Yeah, it’s fine, Trent said curtly, though he did look a little less dejected.Johnny was suddenly concerned he might have accused the man wrongly. He supposed the incident could have been an accident somehow, so he wanted to be sure.You are gay, right?Yeah, Trent answered simply. After a short bit of awkward silence, he added, is that a problem, or can we still be friends?Sure we can, Johnny said. He was kind of surprised the man didn’t just ask him to leave, though.The two of them settled back into their seats and began watching the game again, though the room seemed to have a much different atmosphere now. After a few more beers and slices of pizza, Johnny found he couldn’t concentrate on the game at all.So… does it hurt? he heard himself ask suddenly.Huh? Trent asked, obviously confused by the sudden question.Does it hurt, you know, when you…? Johnny didn’t want to say the rest, in case the man might get offended by the explicitness.What? Trent asked, then suddenly broke into a smile. When I get $&#%ed up the ass, you mean?Yeah, Johnny admitted with an embarrassed laugh.Sometimes, Trent admitted. I mean it hurt the first time, but you get used to it fast enough. Now it pretty much depends on how big the other guy is, mostly.I see, Johnny said with a nod, though he frowned when he thought about it.Why? Are you curious now? Trent asked with a sly smile.No, Johnny said emphatically. No… not curious at all. I’m not gay, man.M/M, Fondling, Oral, First-Time Gay Erotica