By The Book - Sensual Erotica Dakota Deece Author

By The Book - Sensual Erotica Dakota Deece Author
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By The Book is a Sensual Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.A lonely librarian finds that she’s so engrossed in books such that she’s missing out on real life. After joining an online dating agency, she ‘meets’ a man who seems to be perfect for her. Peter shares a common love of books. After many virtual dates, they decide that it’s time to meet for real. One evening he turns up at the library to collect her for their first real date. Over dinner they find that they do indeed have a lot in common – so much that neither one of them wants the evening to end. As Peter is the perfect gentleman, he walks her home. As they pass the library, she suggests that they finish the evening off with coffee, telling Peter that although she can’t take him back to her place, she can make him a cup of coffee there. Peter accepts, but they both have more than just coffee on their minds.ExcerptThey sat, eating dinner, eating one another with their eyes - he was drinking in the long red hair which flowed down her back and tumbled over her shoulder as she talked animatedly about literature. Her grey eyes lit up as they discussed her favourites - and talked about the things that she really enjoyed in books. An undergrad of creative writing and psychology, he had his favourites too - and discussed them with her in a way he’d never managed with any other dates. He was just as passionate about books - maybe different ones, but still passionate nonetheless. They ate and talked and shyly caressed one another’s hands across the table. And he was sad to see it end.

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