Cadence In Mumbai - Interracial Erotica Kellen Prime Author

Cadence In Mumbai - Interracial Erotica Kellen Prime Author
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Cadence In Mumbai is a Interracial Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Covering a cricket scandal was hard enough if you were a man, but as a woman, it posed an even more pressing complication: that one of the players might make it his mission to bowl you over. Cadence is excited about her assignment in India, where she is covering her first big story. She packs up her tiny flat in London and makes her way to Mumbai, where she’s about to blow the lid off a match-fixing scandal. Unfortunately for Cadence, youth and naïveté are her biggest weaknesses, easily exploited by the suave cricketer whose assignment is to distract the nosey journalist from her fact-finding mission. And how better to distract a 23-year-old English girl than with a steamy sexcapade with a member of the very team she’s meant to be investigating. In the end, she does a lot more than merely investigate, as you might imagine.ExcerptHer pussy soon lets her know that while it’s nice to be in the company of familiar fingers, this was a hotel with tourists who would probably be hanging around the bar and pool with thoughts of fucking solidified with every drink consumed. She covers up her cunt and makes her way downstairs in nothing but a bikini and sarong. Having already worked herself up considerably, there was no time to be too fussy over who would be fucking her, and so she makes the deliberate effort to scan the scene for an easy target. It was easy to pick up blokes at the local pubs back home because they were always horny and always pissed. This is a different ballgame. At the far end of the pool bar she finds her mark at last: a spectacled geek with rather long, all be they skinny, legs. She moves in his direction and makes herself visible.

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