The Ring Of Passion - Fantasy Erotica/Humor Erotica Stefan Mckinnis Author

The Ring Of Passion - Fantasy Erotica/Humor Erotica Stefan Mckinnis Author
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The Ring Of Passion is a Fantasy Erotica/Humor Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Charles and his wife have had a mundane sex life in their short marriage. Unable to think of anything else to do, he rents a wizard costume and tries some role-playing. It is successful for a while but he doesn’t get everything he wants out of it. When he returns the costume, he is given a special gift. Charles is now in possession of a magical ring that he kept in a lead-lined ring box. It had no effect on men, but when he opened the box in the presence of any female, a woman cannot stop from stripping and giving herself to him. The women knew they were out of control and even moaned, “Please stop me,” but when it was done, they were more satisfied than ever in their lives. Charles used this ring for his pleasure and even to steal. But after taking every woman he wanted, he used that ring to get the ultimate prize, his wife.ExcerptCharles entered the bedroom with a long white robe on that she had never seen before. “I am Gandalf and I hold the magic ring!” he said commandingly. “You are helpless before its power, virgin maiden,” he said with a goofy lofty voice.Instead of awe it caused Elaine to giggle like a school girl, but that was better than the drudgery their sex life had been up until then. Charles held out his class ring on his finger, pointing it at her like it really had power. There was no question that it gave him a new sexual energy in bed.Charles stepped to the edge of the bed and Elaine stood up from her chair, fascinated by this sex game. With a wave of his arm, Charles commanded his slender wife, “You are my slave, you wench,” and with that he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and kissed her mouth roughly. When he finished, Charles threw his wife on the bed with all the power of a dark lord.To the utter surprise of Charles, Elaine gasped “Oh god yes!” when he threw her down. His manly handling of her excited her and she fell on her back, pulling her panties off. She had been a cold fish in bed and becoming assertive turned her into a sex kitten. Charles ripped open his huge white Gandalf robe and his rock-hard cock was arching up toward his pretty wife’s face.

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