Captain Blackheart & Lady Annabelle - High Seas Pirate Adventure, Adult Erotica Romance Constance Cummings Author

Captain Blackheart & Lady Annabelle - High Seas Pirate Adventure, Adult Erotica Romance Constance Cummings Author
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In 1694, Captain Blackheart, a pirate of ill repute and the gorgeous Lady Annabelle, a highborn royal member of the King’s court promised to the Governor of Jamaica in an arranged marriage; meet aboard the pirate’s ship, ‘The Raven’. The rouge pirate Blackheart has captured her, taking her captive as well as the vessel transporting her in this pirate romance adventure.Captain Edward Crowe (Blackheart) is the handsome, dashing swashbuckling pirate who lusts, and hungers after Lady Annabelle and will stop at nothing to possess her completely at all cost.Trapped aboard the pirate’s ship, the vestal Lady Annabelle witnesses Blackheart’s crewmembers having group sex with four lusty whores. After witnessing the rough sex encounter, she is certain that her fate as a virgin is sealed.However, Captain Blackheart pursues her not as captured bounty, or as an erotic sex captive, but as a valuable and prized reward. Could the Captain be something more than she believed? Was his robust pirate image just a façade, or was he a quixotic seeking true adult love and romance. Her virginity and sex were her trump cards. Would she play them with skill and dexterity, as she attempted to preserve her virginity, or would she succumb to his tempting erotic sex advances in this adult adventure fiction? …Lauren, an avid reader, has discovered a new genre, historical erotica. She especially enjoys pirate erotica and pirate adventure, and has stumbles across an erotic romance best seller, Captain Blackheart and Lady Annabelle. She loses herself in the pages of the sexy romance full of yearning, lust, and high sea adult erotic adventure.Her real life takes an unforeseen turn when she meets the beautiful Becca, another vicarious fan of Captain Blackheart. Lauren’s sex life takes an unexpected twist in this erotic story. She never knew she could be so attracted to another woman. Lauren quickly falls for the beautiful Becca, as if Lauren were Becca’s erotic sex captive.Along the way, Lauren becomes lost in the pages of the erotica stories. Her life merges with that of Lady Annabelle, and in her dreams when darkness falls, she somehow becomes the vestal and beautiful Lady Annabelle, and gets absorbed into the pirate romance adventure.Captain Blackheart slowly wins the trust and affection of Lady Annabelle. However, Captain Blackheart finds himself captured and is chained to the ship. Lady Annabelle witnessed the capture of Captain Blackheart. She’s enlisted to care for his ailments and the sparks of passion ignite a fire between them….Lauren meets Anthony, and the flames of passion leap higher and higher. Between them, they write the pages of an erotica romance best seller. Her dreams and wishes seem to come true, and her sexy romance with Becca seemingly forgotten.Captain Blackheart, brought to Jamaica to stand trial, sets his own plans in motion. Will he hang or will he escape the Governor’s iron grip. Will he fulfill his lust, desire, and passion for Lady Annabelle in this pirate romance, or will he find himself hung from a yardarm. Then, click the ‘BUY’ button at the top to instantly download this pirate erotica romance best seller, and feel the wind in your hair, the ocean spray on your face, and the lusty pirate desire in your heart and soul….