Charming Victoria Danann Author

Charming Victoria Danann Author
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From New York Times bestselling author, Victoria Danann. ***A stray girl ***A string of murders ***A potential race war If this is love, the timing sucks. For six years the Exiled hybrids have lived in peace with humans, happily integrated, intermarrying, sharing education, technology, and culture. Despite his youth, Free’s youngest son, Charming, reluctantly stepped into the role of leader and has proven himself worthy of the job, commanding the respect and admiration of both hybrids and humans while uniting them in a single vision. All is well until a string of human murders point to a hybrid killer. At the worst possible time, Rosie Storm shows up unexpectedly and leaves a young human female under his protection. When Rosie disappears without a way for Charming to reach her, he finds himself with a city in crisis with suspicion giving rise to fear and animosity toward hybrids. Just when he needs all his resources to combat a city besieged with racial tension, he’s distracted by an unruly ward with an attitude. Fans of Laurann Dohner and Lora Leigh love the bad boys of EXILED! - the Fanatical Paranormal Romantical