With All That I Am: The Daguronian Chronicles Cahira O'Donnell Author

With All That I Am: The Daguronian Chronicles Cahira O'Donnell Author
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Overnight, Anie is transformed from Earth Ambassador to Alien Queen as she is claimed, mated and converted by a gigantic Vamp King.Dedicated to negotiating a position for Earth within the Daguronian Coalition, Aine Callahan had trained for three years for her role as Earth Ambassador. Yet the very eve of her arrival at the capitol ruling planet of the Masian Sector, she finds herself claimed as destined mate to an oversized, mating maddened Vamp who swears he will never release her.Lord Lance Asturan, ruling king of the Masian Sector, has waited over nine hundred years for his destined mate. As an Alpha Vamp, he is unable to relinquish Aine from the first sight of her, virtually holding her hostage until he can claim her.Yet Masians cannot survive without their mate’s love. How could he strip her of her citizenship, her ambassadorship and her freedom, and expect to win her heart?As the Daguronian Coalition holds council, Aine and Lance’s union is challenged and conspiracies abound. Plotting factions kidnap Aine, mortally wounding the Masian King as he fights to protect her.Yet, Lance will stop at nothing, raining war across galaxies to retrieve his beloved mate and win her heart.Don’t miss this unique and gripping novel. A paranormal, futuristic, story with multifaceted characters that are engaging, dynamic, and believable, this is one captivating romance novel.If you like Christine Feehan, Evangeline Anderson, Lora Leigh, Laurann Dohner, and Mina Carter You will love Cahira O’Donnell!No cliff hangers and HEA guaranteedSick of the same old themes and story lines? Click the By Now Button and discover a whole new world of riveting Paranormal, Science Fiction Romance.Adult Content: