Touched by the Tyrant: Dinosaur Lovers (1) Arrow Atlas Author

Touched by the Tyrant: Dinosaur Lovers (1) Arrow Atlas Author
Categories: Writer, Laurann Dohner
Brand: Arrow Atlas
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Fans of Laurann Dohner’s edgy New Species series or anyone whose curiosity is piqued by “dinosaur erotica” writers Alara Branwen and Christie Sims won’t want to miss this Tyrant!Sally Marks isn’t equipped to handle a flat tire on a near-deserted road, so she thanks her lucky stars when protective hunk Cord Allen stops to help her out. She’s attracted to his body and his manners, but Cord claims he’s interested but unavailable.Sally doesn’t credit Cord’s claim that he’s heading out on a special mission, until she’s picked up by military researchers and asked for her help. Cord has participated in a secret genetic alternation experiment involving rare samples of dinosaur DNA. He survived the procedure, but he’s almost unrecognizable, now: more ancient predator than gentleman. But, the unique beast he has become knows what it wants, and he’s asking for Sally.Sally arrives to find the new Cord is more T. rex than nice guy. She wants to help, but his predator has every intention of claiming his chosen mate, publically and very thoroughly. Can Sally deal with nosy scientists, interested (and interesting) military officers and an erotically possessive, anatomically impressive dinosaur in her quest to follow her instincts, and her heart?