Cherry Summer (Dirtyhunk Gay Erotica) Brian West Author

Cherry Summer (Dirtyhunk Gay Erotica) Brian West Author
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SYNOPSIS:It’s the summer of ‘96 and Brody is eighteen, gay and sexually frustrated. He hasn’t been able to experience young love, let alone sex, with another guy. All that changes over Labour Day Weekend when his parents invite some friends over to their cottage. They bring along their twenty-one year old son, Tony. Brody is instantly taken by the athletic muscle stud and it doesn’t take long for the two to get mixed up in all sorts of fun, including late-night skinny dips in the lake and fucking around in the forest, amongst other things. With Tony around, Brody finally gets his dosage of sex and young love!* ADULT CONTENT WARNING *This story contains explicit sexual content. Please do not read if you are under the age of 18.EXCERPT:Travis fixed me with a tender look and then brushed my bangs aside. It felt so nice to be touched with such innocent affection from another guy. My heart galloped with a sort of thrill I’d never known until that moment. I had to take a big gulp in the wake of all the vulnerability I’d begun to feel.If it was ever possible to fall in love, even in just one short day, then I certainly was falling for Tony. Nobody had ever made me feel the way Tony did.I took another gulp.And then… He kissed me.Like a feather falling to the floor, softly and gently, our lips met. It was tender and sweet. He cradled his hand around the back of my neck and held me gently. His touch sparked a series of delightful tingles up and down my back.In that precious moment… In those tender seconds… I felt wanted by another guy for the first time in my life.And that was my first kiss.