Clint Folsom Mysteries Compendium Vol 1 (Gay Erotica/Gay Murder Mysteries) Habu Author

Clint Folsom Mysteries Compendium Vol 1 (Gay Erotica/Gay Murder Mysteries) Habu Author
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In this first volume of the Clint Folsom Mysteries Compendium, which includes a previously unpublished Clint Folsom adventure, Death in Manhattan, the initial development of the promiscuous NYPD homicide detective into a life as a satyriasis and adventure-ridden police investigator is traced chronologically. This four-book set takes Clint from his upbringing in the Hollywood home of movie stars and the influences of hedonism and sexual want and preference for men through his training for a career in law enforcement, beyond the tragic loss of his first serious lover, and to his steeling as a detective in a special NYPD homicide squad.The first segment in this compendium, Death to Innocence, a precursor to the Clint Folsom mystery series illuminates the elements of the slow, but relentless, emergence of Folsom’s sexuality under highly unusual circumstances in narcissistic and hedonist Hollywood. The previously unpublished Death in Manhattan traces the path of Clint’s first attempt at a fully committed relationship. And memories of his relationship with Brad feature prominently in all of the following books. Death on the Rhine has Clint Folsom taking leave from his job in an investigation of an international crime syndicate and pursuing a killer to a Rhine River gay male-oriented cruise ship, the MS River God. In the fourth murder mystery, Death in Eden, Folsom finds himself summoned to a wealthy hunt country suburb of Washington, D.C., to whitewash the murder of a former Mafia sex-torture assassin.The Clint Folsom Mysteries will continue and conclude with the forthcoming second compendium volume. This volume, which will extend Folsom’s adventures to Key West, Florida; the Rocky Mountains; and even back to his roots in Hollywood, also includes—and concludes with—a previously unpublished book, Death to the Past.