College Boys Bundle Volume 2 (m/m 3 Story Collection) Briony Summers Author

College Boys Bundle Volume 2 (m/m 3 Story Collection) Briony Summers Author
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This gay erotica bundle features hot young guys enjoying the college life together, from sexy run-ins with campus police to sexy extracurricular activities. It includes 12,000 steamy words about college boys getting unique university experience.This collection includes:Seduced by my RoommateRob is a sheltered young man leaving his parents’ home for the first time as he goes off to college. He adjusts easily to life at university, but he can’t help but feel that his life without many friends is boring. He decided to confide in his roommate Gavin for help.Gavin is a member of the university rowing team, works out almost every day, and is incredibly handsome to top it all off. And when Rob discovers that Gavin is gay, he isn’t sure what to think of his perfect roommate. Gavin’s amazing body is hard to resist, and before he knows it, Rob realizes he’s being seduced by his roommate!Campus PDConnor is heartbroken when he catches his boyfriend of 3 years cheating on him. Depressed that his first love is over, he turns to the only medicine he can think of - a cheap bottle of vodka from the nearest convenience store and a quiet place on campus to drown his feelings.Officer John Serna was just doing his job when he saved Connor from drunkenly getting killed on his way back to his dorm. When Connor returns to him a few days later insisting on thanking him, Officer Serna realizes he has an amazing opportunity to discipline this attractive young man. This lesson may be just what Connor needs to get over his break up and onto new, sexier possibilities.PumpedBrandon was the master of Iron Strong Gym. He found peace in his 5 AM workout sessions in the empty gym 5 days a week. That is, until Tyler began showing up.Something about Tyler’s perfect body pumping and flexing in front of him every morning is driving Brandon crazy with lust. Maybe a steamy locker room encounter could be just what he needs to get his mind clear again.Warning! This bundle contains hot guy on guy action between college boys in their prime! It is not intended for those under the age of 18!