College Boys Bundle Volume 4 (M/M 3 Story Collection) Briony Summers Author

College Boys Bundle Volume 4 (M/M 3 Story Collection) Briony Summers Author
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This gay erotica bundle features hot young guys enjoying the college life together, from college parties to college dorms to college classes. It includes 11,000 steamy words about college boys getting unique university experience.This collection includes:Daring my RoommateIt all started with a drunken game of truth or dare at a college party. When best friends Connor and Jarrod kiss, it’s all fun and games . . . until they take it further. Jarrod is definitely straight, but when Connor dares him to push his limits, there’s no way he’ll back down from a challenge!Partying with my RoommateIn his final year at university, Tanner is forced to find a new living arrangement off-campus. He finds Justin who needs a roommate, but the room comes with a catch - Justin loves to party and has get-togethers every weekend. This worries Tanner, who’s much more of a lone wolf than a social butterfly, but it’s hard to pass up the great deal and the kind roommate.The constant partying is a definite strain on Tanner, who spends his time locked up in his room waiting for the night to be over. But when Justin insists that Tanner comes out of his shell and joins the dancing and drinking, both of them are in for a night that they never expected.When they end up alone locked up in Tanner’s room, what kind of fun can they have all alone with the party thumping just outside the door?Taken by my RoommatesLiving with his two gay roommates in an apartment close to campus is totally fine for straight college student Geoff. There’s only one little problem - he can hear his roommates nightly lovemaking, and the hot, passionate noises are driving him crazy!When his own hand isn’t enough to release his sexual frustration, he realizes he has no other choice than to go to his sexy roommates and confess his feelings. Together, they just might have a creative solution to give Geoff the release he needs.