Hard Knocks U habu Author

Hard Knocks U habu Author
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Reviews:(A)n intense story about the unique sexual education of a young man. habu delivers a powerful story that delves into a level of manipulation and total control that few are able to express. Some of the most extreme stories I have ever read are from this author and I have yet to be disappointed. -Emily, Rainbow Reviews - 4/5 Stars!This story is Hot M/M erotica and not for the faint of heart. Habu has penned an intense, powerful story. It’s a dark look at manipulation and submission that I enjoyed. -ulia, Erotic Book Freaks, 4.5/5 STARS!Warnings: BarbarianSpy Rough Gay Erotica: Contains M/M, MMF, bondage, graphic language, sex toys, gay anal sex, group sex, rough sex.Ron might be a hunk, but he’s incredibly naïve, and now that he’s transferred to a university far away from home, he quickly becomes the prey of both male professors and students alike. His logic professor manages to seduce him by using-what else but logic-and when he goes to the dean of men-slash-wrestling-coach to complain, he finds he’s walked from the fry-pan into the fire and is taken not just once again, but twice. When the wrestling team starts handing him around like popcorn, Ron decides the only way to escape his predicament is to recruit a replacement-and sexy, young Ben is just the sort of naïve student he’s got in mind.