Come Me Mr Sax Man (Gay Erotica Romance) Habu Author

Come Me Mr Sax Man (Gay Erotica Romance) Habu Author
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Trent, a young, handsome, lithe stage dancer, enjoying the best mix of the genes from a Jamaican father and French mother, is cruising the ocean with a dance troupe. He also is cruising for older, experienced men—and sometimes fending off the advances of younger, athletic men and sometimes not. While pursuing the sensual and dangerous-looking ship’s saxophonist, Buzz, in competition with a bevy of wealthy widows, on a Bahamas cruise out of Baltimore, Trent falls under the sway of an older and openly sexual and inventive Brazilian. Buzz at last shows interest in Trent too and acts on that in an overpowering way. Now Trent is left with a choice to make, if the men in his life will permit him to make the choice.