Confessional Erotica: A Good Read Indeed Carlee Shoman Author

Confessional Erotica: A Good Read Indeed Carlee Shoman Author
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A Good Read Indeed is a Confessional Erotica short story - F/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Jenna has had a rough year. She has recently suffered a break up, and to help her recover, Jenna stays at her lake house after the summer season ends in order to get some much needed rest. She enjoys her own company and loves going on picnics. She doesn’t mind the solitude. She enjoys the rest and the solitude, but thanks to a book of erotica that she finds in a box at a garage sale she finds herself getting very little rest at all The stories appeal to her on all levels and she finds the stories teasing and taunting her into sleepless nights and unproductive days. There are too many adventures to choose from and the harder she tries the harder it is to stay away from the book. Try as she might, she can’t stop thinking about them.Excerpt:Jenna never realized that a book could change her life in such a dramatic way. She is spending some time alone at a lake house at the end of the season so that she can rest while she gets away from it all. What she finds is a book of erotic stories that are so luscious and unique that she absolutely cannot get them out of her mind. They are so sexy and tempting that whenever she reads one, she can’t keep her hands to herself. Each story appeals to a different side of her lusty nature. She loves the role play between the woman and her “pet.” The love and sex between each of the characters definitely help keep her mind off of all of her troubles. But now, she can’t keep her mind on the things that are important, like her job. She gives in to her own self-pleasure time and time again.

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