Consolation Prize - Men's Erotica Helana Parkins Author

Consolation Prize - Men's Erotica Helana Parkins Author
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Consolation Prize is a Men’s Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Richard is a lawyer who just lost his case in front of the court. Feeling frustrated, he purchases some liquor and takes it back to his hotel room where he stayed for the duration of the trial, in hopes of drowning his sorrows. A phone call from a friend gives him an alternative way to spend the evening. As more and more alcohol pours down his throat, he dials the number of a call girl agency and soon a stunningly beautiful woman shares his bed. He had no intention of bedding her, but he realizes with her he can act out his every fantasy. He orders her around to please him and she does that very well, but by dawn she has to leave. He returns home to his wife, remorseful, but does not confess. When he sees her, he realizes how beautiful she is. He can’t tell her. Instead, he makes love to her, desperately trying to clean his conscience.Excerpt“Lost. It’s all over now.” Richard’s words were almost unintelligible.“Come on, don’t say that. You’re a hell of a lawyer and you know it.”“Nah, it’s over,” he repeated and put the bottle to his mouth.“You need something to cheer you up, Rick. How about a girl?”“I’m married,” he responded while he was drinking.There was a sigh at the other end of the line.“What?” Richard inquired.“Believe me, a girl will make you forget about this. You will feel better in no time. Let me find the number for you.”A few moments of silence followed until Rick’s friend happily announced that he had found it.“Get a pen and write it down,” he ordered.“Alright,” Richard murmured and scribbled the number on one of the papers he had used in court today.“Call, okay? You won’t regret it.”“Uh-hm,” he nodded before he hung up, not thinking about the fact that his friend had been unable to see his nodding.He took one more sip and studied the part of the paper that provided the promising number. Should he call?“What the hell,” he bubbled and picked up the phone again. “Why not.”

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