Contemporary College Erotica: The Superbowl Party Stefan Mckinnis Author

Contemporary College Erotica: The Superbowl Party Stefan Mckinnis Author
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The Superbowl Party is a Contemporary College Erotica short story - M/F, F/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Leslie had the job of being the hostess of the young adult’s group Superbowl party. It was probably going to be pretty tame. She felt some concern though when a couple of the guys brought a friend from work. His name was Max and he was clearly not like the others in the group. He had a bad boy look about him, and when he looked at her, she felt a chill like he was looking at something to eat. Around third quarter, Leslie began to feel a little woozy. At one point, she stood up and almost passed out. The closest guy was Max who stabilized her and showed real concern. He escorted back to one of the bedrooms where she could recover. He stayed with her to give her a massage to help her get her blood flow going. Luckily, her friend Amber is also there to give her comfort.Excerpt:Leslie was aware enough of Robert’s mind that she knew he became aroused by Amber. She could even tell he got a hard-on from the bulge in his pants. Robert did not have a large cock but it was enough to push out his pants. Robert was a driven youth leader and he knew to not be distracted by that sexy peek at Amber’s panties. It is normal for young people to get crushes on their leaders and Robert was a very good looking man. Instead, Leslie knew how to turn it to her advantage. Leslie had a clean cut look but she was quite sexy and got plenty of looks from the boys in the youth gatherings as well. She was a slender blond with medium breasts that were perky so they pushed out her dresses nicely. She had slim legs that were tan and sexy so she was able to hold her own with the sexy young girls in the group if she wanted to. But being older, she had the wisdom of how to keep from freaking out when a cute gal gave her husband a peek and even turn it to her advantage.