Couple's Erotica: Aboriginal Lover Chara Gladey Author

Couple's Erotica: Aboriginal Lover Chara Gladey Author
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Aboriginal Lover is a Couple’s and College Contemporary Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.For American student Paul, the wild night in Colorado that lands him in bed with sexy Australian exchange student Jinny is like a dream. What starts as one night becomes a longer relationship, as the two carry on a steamy love affair. When the semester ends and Jinny must leave, Paul intends to stay in contact with her.But his letters and emails go unanswered, and month after month pass without any word from Jinny. He begins to doubt her and what their relationship really meant. But no matter how much time passes, he cannot forget Jinny. After months of saving, he scrapes together enough money to fly to Australia, and travels deep into the central red desert wilderness. With nothing more than the name Uluru to go on, Paul seeks to be reunited once and for all with his lover, if only he can find her.Excerpt:A small lake, billabong in Aboriginal language, rested amazingly in the middle of arid rock and sand and low scrubs of the vast desert, with Uluru towering above the near horizon. All they had was a swag, a kind of a double sleeping bag, and some food.“We can stay here a few days, but clothes are banned,” Jinny said. “This is a nudist billabong! I come here to wander here naked, so now you can, too, if you want to stay.”“Whatever you say, my love,” said Paul, surprised by the pet name he used. Jinny noticed, too.Both stripped off the layers of the outside world that they were glad to leave behind for a few days.As if to welcome them into the wild, a swarm of budgerigars, a mass of gold and green, wheeled down to drink at the water’s edge, their noisy screeching deafening.Leaping and dancing as the birds lifted off, Jinny’s dark shiny body seemed to be a part of the spirit of the land.

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