Cowboy Dreams Gay Erotica Vivian Leigh Author

Cowboy Dreams Gay Erotica Vivian Leigh Author
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A three hour drive from the clubs in Austin back to the ranch is a lousy way to spend an evening, but Danny can’t make it if he doesn’t get a man inside him on a regular basis, and if he lets anyone on the ranch know about his choice in lovers, he’ll be on street… or worse. When two of the cowboys on the ranch end up in the hospital, Danny’s left all alone with his older boss, and Danny soon has reason to believe his boss might have more in common with him than he thought. Can Danny resist the temptation of an older man, or will he learn what it’s like to be ridden by a real cowboy?This 3500 word short story is for adults only. It contains scenes with gay cowboys, anal sex, shower sex, rimming and blowjobs.Be sure to check out Cowboy Secrets #2: Cowboy Trouble, available now.***Danny glanced back and instantly hated himself. The college boy behind him was rolling the condom down his too small cock, oblivious to Danny’s look of distaste. Austin was too crowded and too far from the ranch, but it wasn’t like he had any other choice. If anyone around Brownville cottoned to his sexual tastes, they wouldn’t let him near a bunkhouse again, not unless it was to string him up from a rafter. Getting out of the cowboy business wasn’t something Danny thought he could do.“You ready?” the college boy asked. Danny didn’t even know his name. Didn’t really care, for that matter.“Give it to me, stud.” The thing was, there wasn’t nothing in the world that felt quite like another man’s balls slapping against his thighs. The feeling of another man blowing his load buried deep in his ass, it was the best drug in the world, and he was a hopeless junkie. The only thing that came close was ropin’ a steer, and while he got plenty of that every day, it didn’t take away the ache in his balls.The college boy squirted a healthy glob of lube on his cock and rubbed it over the condom. He swiped some on Danny’s pucker, and gave him a little tickle with his middle finger. Danny groaned. His balls ached something fierce. He needed that cock inside him and he needed it yesterday. He braced himself against the toilet tank and sucked in a breath. The walls on either side hemmed in his elbows, but the narrow stall had plenty of room where it mattered—behind him.College boy speared him hard and barely gave him a chance to loosen up before shoving that little pecker of his in deep. Lights flashed before Danny’s eyes. A lance of pain like a grease fire exploded from his tight ring and made his breath hiss out.“Jesus, take it a little slower, would you?” Danny said.“Sorry.” College boy grabbed Danny’s hips and pulled their bodies together. His cock sank deeper, filling Danny’s ass as much as it could. Once he settled into a rhythm, the pain subsided and the familiar warm buzz started to build.