Cum Jug Dixon Cox Author

Cum Jug Dixon Cox Author
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The two guys looked at me, then at Steve. “He’s our guy, alright!” When Steve invited me for a week of fun at his isolated home, I dropped everything to join him. I didn’t even tell my wife. He promised me all the fluids I could consume, and the offer was simply too irresistible for me to pass on. I soon found myself the star of his porn movie, with only one theme. I was joining a cult that worshiped the phallus - I was to go through a series of degrading trials before I could be initiated as a full member. This is my story of how I became a cum jug over one delicious week where I was degraded, abused and made to swallow gallons and gallons of the white stuff. WARNING: Cum Jug is an explicit 5500+ word gay erotica story intended for adults only. Contains jugs of male essence, cult scenes and lurid descriptions. EXCERPT: That evening, there was a knock on the door. I had already woken up and joined Steve. We were watching TV and we were expecting guests to arrive any minute soon. Steve jumped up, his eyes twinkling. “Ready?” he said as he dashed over to the door. I got up slowly and joined him. He opened the door and there were two very handsome men in their mid-twenties standing outside. They were also carrying luggage, and as they came in, greeting Steve, I learned that they were also staying here for week, and that this was not their first visit to Steve’s home. They already knew me, which took me a little aback at first, but then I was pleased. I mean, Steve had been bragging about me to other guys, and it seemed that I had become something of a micro-celebrity in his little circle!