Dominating Doctors Anthology (Medical Submission Erotica) Ann Wilcox Editor

Dominating Doctors Anthology (Medical Submission Erotica) Ann Wilcox Editor
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Some doctors just like to be in control. Read these hot, taboo stories by today’s hottest erotica authors about doctors that aren’t afraid to administer the proper cure to their patient’s ills. Included are:The Doctor’s Treatment (Medical BDSM Erotic Romance)Fuck me, Master. Fuck me, Master.Katie is a Nurse’s Aide who is lusting after the hot Dr. Parsons. When she finally gets invited into his home, she decides to go exploring and gets much more than she bargained for when she stumbles upon Dr. Parsons little secret. Katie decides to let Dr. Parsons be her Master for a while after being caught in a very compromising situation.WARNING: This erotica short contains graphic language, a muscular dominating doctor, a too curious nurse, whips and ropes, a mini dungeon and hot, sensual sex. Intended for 18+ MATURE AUDIENCES only.EXCERPT:All I can tell you, Katie, is that I will hurt you. I will not permanently damage you in any way, but you will feel pain. Do you remember the woman from the video?Katie did. She remembered her trembling as well, being hurt but panting and asking for more. She remembered her yelling for Dr. Parsons to fuck her, her pleading. Katie wanted that. She wanted it more than anything and now she was scared she might get it. This was not the time to back out. Yes, I remember.Doctor’s Orders (Medical Examination Submission Erotica)You need to have sex, Jess. Like with any fear, you need to meet it head on and tackle the problem at the source. You need to just jump in and have sex.Jess is afraid of sex, and it’s starting to affect her health. When she goes to the doctor for an exam to see what can be done, the doctor has a prescription that will fix her right up. As she lets him help her, Jess finds that she likes following the Doctor’s Orders.WARNING: This book contains mature material including a handsome doctor with fast fingers and an even faster tongue, a BBW that learns how to follow orders, breast and nipple play, a long cock in a wet, willing mouth and earth shaking sex ending in a breeding creampie. This material is for 18+ adults ONLY.EXCERPT:He walked back between her legs and pulled up his stool and sat down. Jess laid her head back as the doctor probed and prodded her private area. She could tell by the feel of his fingers that she was dripping wet, a feeling that she didn’t have very often. She grabbed her breasts and rubbed them like the doctor had, grabbing big handfuls and squeezing.His finger slipped across her clit and it made her legs jump as she raised her head off the table. The doctor was leaning over her, his mouth inches from her clit, his hot breath flowing over her mound. Please relax, he said, I know what I’m doing.The Doctor’s Captive Patient (Medical BBW Erotica)He smiled, his face slick with her juice. I’ve had a lot of practice.When Denise has an accident on the stripper pole, she’s put into the loving care of Dr. Lewis, secretly a big fan of Denise’s dancing. But with the accident, Denise now has a bad case of amnesia. Dr. Lewis uses that fact to turn his loving care into lusting care.WARNING: This erotica short contains graphic language, a studly doctor, hot oral sex, nipple play and hard riding by both willing parties. Intended for 18+ MATURE AUDIENCES only.EXCERPT:He pulled her gown down, exposing her mounds of succulent flesh. They were as perfect as he remembered and now they were all his to use as he wished. He did something he had been wanting to do since seeing her dance the first time. He leaned over and ran his tongue all over her breast, running it just outside of her nipple, never quite touching her dark areola.