Paranormal Erotica: White Bible Collection 1 Dick Powers Author

Paranormal Erotica: White Bible Collection 1 Dick Powers Author
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Four gay erotica stories by Dick Powers. Included are the story of a couple of kinky priests entertaining the locals through a sex show of sorts, Kane creating an orgy with a bunch of hot farmers because they messed with some sacred soil, a warrior too sexy for the handsome priest Abel to ignore, and super warrior Toast trying to tame Kane through pleasure and dirty deeds. There’s something for everyone within!‘Paranormal Erotica: White Bible Collection 1’ contains:# White Bible #1: Preacher (Sex Show)Abel loves men. As a preacher of the God of Love, it is his firm duty to train and perform sacred rites with all men everywhere. With a barn full of sexy worshipers, Abel and his assistant the dashing Mickey are going to have their hands, mouths and everywhere else full if they are going to please the crowd and turn them gay in their enjoyment of their fellow man.# White Bible #2: Devil (Orgy)Kane has trapped the farmers who dared defile his love Abel’s soil with their seeds of filthy wickedness. With all his minions in attendance, he is going to do his worst and then some to these foolish men, and they are going to enjoy every minute of it to their very last breath.# White Bible #3: Warrior (Hunk)Toast, powerful, sexy and a warrior of great skill, has Abel in his clutches. However, Abel sees a chance to turn the man to the ways of love and, with his assistant’s help, engages in the most wonderful rite of dick play ever seen on the pages of a holy book.# White Bible #4: Prisoner (Alpha Male)Kane has been trapped by the super warrior Toast, but with a twist. Toast has been possessed by the God of Love and the being desires to turn Kane to the light. However, Kane is resistant and Toast has to take over to bring the man - pleasurably - to his knees for some proper instructions in the barbarian ways of love.