Doubled Again (A Gay Erotica DP Anthology) Habu Author

Doubled Again (A Gay Erotica DP Anthology) Habu Author
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Warning BarbarianSpy Xtreme: rough sex, gay DP, and possible reluctance.One of the rarer niche fetishes to find in gay male erotica stories is the act of double penetration (DP), two men inside another man at the same time. The fetish is one that frequently is included in the writing of habu, if only as a minor element of a story. In Doubled Again, coming three years after the initial launch of his successful and recently reissued Doubled anthology, habu provides a collection of his most recent writings that include gay male DP scenes.Combined in this twenty-four story anthology, with forty-eight double penetration scenes, are new, never-before-published stories focusing directly on DP sex, including “Bangkok Defection,” “Club Doblar,” “Handed On,” and “Horrid Bliss.”Habu has also ferreted out DP scenes from his longer marketplace e-books for your focused enjoyment. These includes scenes from his “Death in . . .” books, featuring a willing DP participant, promiscuous detective Clint Folsom. Scenes are also included from the novellas Gotta Keep Trying, Gilded Cage, Brambleton, and The Indian Prince. The remaining short stories provided are ones where, typically, the sensuality of the story climaxes in a double penetration scene.If this is one of your fetishes in gay male stories, you need not dig for it yourself. Habu has provided yet another meaty DP collection for your reading pleasure.